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Intuitive viewer, no mouse required


Viewing medical images should not be any different than viewing photographs on your smartphone. The software should be fluid, the interface intuitive, and the overall experience should facilitate clinical care and minimize patient risk.

Current medical image (DICOM) viewers are slow and cumbersome to use. Most have been designed specifically for radiologists sitting at a desktop computer. Patient care, however, does not occur at a desk. It occurs in busy emergency rooms, exam rooms, and in operating rooms.

Introducing MotionView

MotionView is a revolutionary medical image viewer that makes a clean break with the past by:

  • Adopting a minimalistic design
  • Taking into account the requirements and constraints of clinical care
  • Employing state-of-the-art motion sensing technology to control the viewer

Interested in MotionView?

Whether you are a physician, hospital, or potential investor, we would love to hear from you!

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Our features

Here are a couple of things that set MotionView apart:

Clean design

An intuitive, elegant viewer that eliminates clutter and places focus where it should be, on the patient study.

Web Enabled

Unlike most DICOM viewers, MotionView has been built ground up to work securely in any modern browser. Nothing to install, nothing to update.

No Touch Design

Incorporating the latest in responsive motion technology, MotionView can be controlled with your hand using simple gestures.

Easy Integration

Our software can be easily and quickly deployed in any clinical environment, from a small radiology practice to a large hospital system.

Beautiful, responsive design
no touching required


See MotionView in action

Image scroll

Use your closed hand to scroll through a series of images. Go slow, go fast.

Series Selection

Hover over the left side of the viewer and then simply select the desired series.

Frame Lock

Tap your finger to lock the view and prevent any unwanted interactions.


Simply rotate your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust image contrast.


Move your palm towards or away from the viewer to zoom the current image.

EMR Access

Slide your finger to the right of the viewer to instantly access the patients medical record.

Concentrate on the patient
Not the viewer

Founding team

Luke Macyszyn

Madhur Behl

Bilwaj Gaonkar

Aris Sotiras

Gloves on, Hands off

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